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hen it's time to relax and you've got the thirst, Mark the Beer Guy is here to serve you first. Whether you like a beer that's less-filling, or tastes great, is cold-filtered, or has a "born-on" date, Mark refreshes the parts other beer guys cannot reach.

For all you do, One Beer Guy stands Tall and True...since 1980




This site is intended for ADULTS ONLY.
This site is for those 18yoa years or older.
This site may contain images not intended for children.
The opinions expressed on this site are NOT to be affiliated with any Sports Team or Concession Franchise.
This site is for Adult Entertainment and may contain behavior not intended for Non Adults.
Mark the Beer Guy reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol to any person for any reason. 
This site may be considered inapropriate for children.
Mark the Beer Guy is required to check all ID's prior to selling/serving alcoholic beverages at all events.
Please present your ID for every transaction.
Event staff is trained to spot Alcohol servers NOT carding patrons. 
Mark the Beer Guy wishes to remain "Mark the Beer Guy", your cooperation is appreciated.
Did I/we mention this site is for Adults ONLY.
If you are not 18+ turn back now!
Non Adults are requested to hit the BACK button on their PC, non PC or other device.
Mark the Beer Guy will not tolerate underage drinking at any sporting event, game, concert, rodeo, auto racing, golf, corporate event, wedding etc.
This site is intended for those who Do Not drink and drive.
Please be considerate of those around you at the ballpark? They are trying to watch the game.
Water does not interfere with your BAC.
Buy some food.
I here the stirfry is Great!
Mark the Beer Guy prefers mustard on his Hot Dog.
This site is intended for those 18 yoa or older.
Non Adults turn Back NOW!
Please stay hydrated while consuming alcohol.
Water is your friend.
Females Welcome.
If anyone needs anything at anytime while at the ballpark please ASK the event staff.
We are here to help make your experience more enjoyable.
Use this site at your own risk.

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