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Emails to Mark

Mon, March 12, 2007       "John G"
Mark -
It was great to see you at the game Sunday.  That was our last game at
spring training this year, but next year we will check your schedule BEFORE buying game tix!
We look forward to seeing you each year and appreciate your involvement in the distribution side of our favorite past time.  We continue to stretch the boundaries of consumption - especially pre-game!  It is with your support that we are able to get into mid-season form by mid March.  Thanks!
If you can please send us some 2007 St Pat's cards.  We will make sure we train the next generation to follow in our footsteps with loyalty to the best - the only beer guy in AZ.  We hope to find you at a game in the regular season - the All Star Game would be appropriate!

I will share them the the team here in NoCA.  Cheers!
Fri, April 1, 2005      "Bob B."
Four of us from Canada attended the ball game on March 27 between the Padres and the cubs.  You got us our first beers that were retrieved from the bottom of your pail. They were ice cold and were really appreciated on that hot day.  When we were done, I told our group to find you (gave them the trading card that you gave us) and to only buy from you.  The service and attitude that you presented went beyond expectation.  You went out of your way to make us feel welcome.
Here in Winnipeg, we have the Goldeyes (double A ball).  When you get a beer here, its order, get, pay, next customer.  Alot of work needed here.
Thanks again and will be looking for you when we are in town.
Bob Bilous
Sun, April 3, 2005   Sally S.

I have season tickets in section 203, right on the front row, so I am in a great position to observe your dealings with customers.  You do a great job with kids, making them feel kind of special, as well as with older people.  In fact, you add lots of enjoyment to everyone's day.  Keep up the good work! Hohokam park would not be the same without you.
Sun, March 12, 2006    "Brian K"
Hey Mark,
  We missed you yesterday because of the rain out at Hohokam.  My wife and I got the chance to meet you at the ballpark on Friday.  You do a great job and we appreciate your passionate for what you do.  Keep it up! We hope to see you next year or at Wrigley later this year.  Thanks for the card.  
Thu, March 24, 2005     "Tony S"
I was sitting behind the plate with some friends of mine last Sunday (Giants/A's)and I gotta say we were dying watchin you work. Keep it up. I’ll look for ya next time.
Tony (California) Go A's
Wed, March 23, 2005           "Scott B"
Thanks for the memories at Spring Training. You are one of the most unique "beer guy" we've ever met. You were as big a highlight as were the games we watched.
Hope to see you again some day at Spring Training 2006.
Scott B

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