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Tribute to "Big Al"

This is a tribute to my late friend, and loyal beer-drinking customer,
“Big Al.” Al was one of my very first customers at HoHoKam Park (the
Chicago Cubs' spring training Home). Our friendship began in 1996 while I
was selling beer there.

One of the first times Al purchased a cold, refreshing Budweiser from me,
I was enjoying my lunch while I selling beer. Lunch that day consisted of
some frozen Blueberries I was eating out of a clear plastic cup that was
in my Beer tray. Al couldn’t resist giving me a hard time about it. So,
needless to say, every year after that he would ask me if I ate my
Blueberries that day. The answer was usually, "No." However, he liked
giving me a hard time about it. I guess that was his way of showing he
cared. You see, Big Al was as true a friend as anyone could ask for in
life. And his love of Baseball and Budweiser made it easy for me to like

Few people have allowed me to enjoy my occupation as much as Al made me
feel every time I served him. Al had a way of making you appreciate every
day you’re alive on this earth. I feel truly blessed to have known him.
And I’m sure that everyone who knew him misses him as much as I do.

Rest in peace, Al
Your friend "Blueberry"
AKA Mark the Beer Guy



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